The city of talent, culture, and elegance. Australia’s second most populated city is now ranked as the world most livable city. So what exactly makes it “most livable”? Ancient Victorian feels, ambrosial cuisine, eye-opening talents, and tree-lined paths. Where chefs love to flaunt their cooking talents, where food of every cuisine is made and eaten with delight, where creativity holds a prominent place, where sports are played and watch with utmost passion and where heritage is loved and cherished. So what’s not to love and live in here?

The World’s Most Livable City

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, in Australia. It is situated in southeastern Australia. Melbourne sits at the mouth of the Yarra River which flows into the Port Phillip Bay.

Melbourne is the rapidly growing city of more than 5 million people. Due to its climate, amazing infrastructure, corporate opportunities, political stability, healthcare services, and education Melbourne is ranked as the world’s most livable city. According to The Economist, Melbourne has firmly held on to this title for the last seven years.

Melbourne is the city of opportunities. Every year flocks and flocks of tourists from Australia and other countries visit Melbourne, fairly making it one of the most popular Australian destinations.

Let’s cover some of the top places that must be ticked off your Melbourne bucket list!

What Are The Best Places To See In Melbourne?

Let’s start off with the Federation Square, it was made in 2002 to commemorate 100 years of federation. It was loved by many and also hated by many. Regardless of the mix feels, the federation square is the place to start your Melbourne sightseeing journey.

Next up is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Ooh! The lush green feels cool breeze, hot sun and the perfect pictures for Instagram. It is an extremely popular picnic site. If you are visiting in summer, do not miss out on the live theaters and moonlight cinemas. This luxurious garden holds more than 8500 species of plant, rare ones too. Don’t forget to visit the Melbourne zoo and show some love.

Next one is for sports lovers. You got it right! The Melbourne Cricket Ground and the influential National Sports Museum. Where legends made and broke records, where fans screamed in ecstasy and sometimes cried, where coaches screamed at their players and where history was made and is held.

Now for the shopaholics. Lose your selves in the South Bank Promenade, Block Arcade, Docklands, Queen Victoria Market, Chinatown and an endless number of massive malls. You can also find stalls, cute shops, and cafes along the streets to indulge yourself. 

And for our creative minds, there is an infinite number of galleries, museums, theatres, and concerts. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building, Captain Cook’s Cottage, Shrine of Remembrance, Parliament House and the Immigration Museum are some definite must see in Melbourne.

Food has always been a major pro factor of Melbourne. Their restaurants and cafes are absolute seduction and do not leave anyone unsatisfied. There are high-end restaurants, food trucks, tiny cafes, clubs and bars and normal restaurants in every corner of Melbourne. Their food ranging from Indian to Chinese, Western to Italian, Greek to Vietnamese. In layman’s terms, you can find everything you desire.

How To Travel Around Melbourne

Traveling in Melbourne should be least of your worries. There are metro stations, river cruises, the city circle tram tour, chauffeur cars service Melbourne, cab services and day tour packages. You can pick your personal favorite style to sightsee.

But this is not it! Melbourne has so many more places waiting to be seen and awed. If you want to know what it really is like, you have to have a taste of it. 

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